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Benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Dolores Cannon developed a hypnosis healing method referred to as Quantum healing which incorporates putting someone in a state where they tend to visualize. People tend to go through the state of visualization only twice every day. Some of the cases where people go through the Somnambulistic state under normal conditions include just before one become consciously awake and the moment just before they fall asleep.

People tend to have a number of reasons for coming for QHHT sessions. It is worth noting that you go through QHHT session out of curiosity or when you have questions about your family, life purpose, health issues or work. The beauty of quantum healing technique is that it provides answers to people say, concerning how their lives are. By enrolling to Quantum healing hypnosis technique, you will be in a better position to understand how to move forward in life.

It is worth noting that there are levels of training and continuing education involved in QHHT. In this section we will take you through the levels of training QHHT for practitioners.

One of the vital levels of training for QHHT is the level 1 intern which includes individuals who have successfully completed their Level 1 training and provided documentation of 10 practice sessions. When one is in this stage, they need to go through the training session that will enable them to gain experience to make them upgrade to the level 2 class.

The QHHT training requires one to have studied the basic level in either the live 6 day class or online equivalent, and has completed at least 25 sessions, and has the basic skills needed to conduct a QHHT session, before they become level one practitioner. It is worth noting that the healing rates in their level are determined by the practitioners themselves. Though the practitioners are the ones who determine the session prices, they need to keep in mind the following when setting the price, these include geographical location, local market price as well as their level of experience.

Once you have completed level one sessions, you qualify to be a level, two practitioner after you have taken the live four-day advanced class. It is worth noting that level 2 practitioners also have the mandate to determine their session rates. Though the session price for this level is determined by the practitioners themselves, the practitioners need to consider factors such as their geographical location, local market price, and level of experience when deciding their session price.

In the level 3, one needs to have taken the live 3 day course that is supplemental to the Level 1 and Level 2 courses in which each practitioners’ actual session skills are reviewed, assessed, and fine-tuned so that they are facilitating the technique. When you are a level 3 practitioner, you will have to set your session rates all by yourself. Those looking for QHHT session, need to keep in mind the type of practitioners they are looking.

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